Leonardo DiCaprio was caught on video giving Jonah Hill a fun scare on a New York City sidewalk on Tuesday.

Leonardo DiCaprio Pranks Jonah Hill

DiCaprio and Hill are known to have a strong friendship, following their work together in Martin Scorsese’s 2013 film, The Wolf of Wall Street and even a hilarious skit they did together on Saturday Night Live in 2014.

In the video DiCaprio can be seen walking down a New York City street, when he spots Hill a few feet away from him. Hill was standing on the sidewalk with headphones in his ears, when DiCaprio came charging toward him with his iPhone held up, pretending to take pictures.

Hill jumped, scared for a second, before realizing that the man sneaking up on him was DiCaprio. Then, the two friends just shared a laugh and quickly embraced each other.

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