On Sunday night, Lady Gaga won her first Golden Globe for her role in American Horror Story: Hotel for Best Supporting Actress.

The awestruck star seemed in a daze as she made her way to the stage to accept her award. In doing so, she pushed Leonardo DiCaprio‘s elbow out of the way which was in her way.

The movie star was in conversation with someone at his table that he wasn’t paying attention to Gaga as she walked towards the stage. Gaga wasn’t bothered by the collision. With a quick roll of his eyes and a laugh, DiCaprio went back to his conversation.

Social media quickly jumped on the two stars’ brush with each other. After realizing the video and story were trending, The Revenant star told Entertainment Tonight, “Oh, Lord, that’s trending? I just didn’t know what was passing me. That’s all!”

DiCaprio won Best Actor in a Drama for The Revenant that night.

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