Leonardo DiCaprio posed alongside his The Revenant costar Tom Hardy at the film’s premiere in Hollywood, Calif., earlier this week.

Leonardo DiCarpio & Tom Hardy At ‘The Revenant’ Premiere

Both DiCaprio, 41, and Hardy, 38, looked as dapper as ever at the premiere held at TCL Chinese Theatre. DiCaprio went with a classic navy blue suit, while Hardy donned a charcoal gray three-piece suit and a bold ombre tie.

In The Revenant, directed by Academy Award winner Alejandro González Iñárritu, DiCaprio stars as a frontiersman named Hugh Glass that goes missing. Hardy plays John Fitzgerald, the man whose betrayal causes Hugh to wind up deserted in the dangerous wilderness.

Though the two play adversaries in The Revenant, Hardy and DiCaprio are pals in real life – and it was DiCaprio’s heads up about the part of John Fitzgerald that helped land Hardy the part.

“He called me up and said, ‘Dude, I know you’re about to do something where you’re jumping out of helicopters and shooting guns and s–t. But before you do that, I need you to take a look at this script. It’s f—ing awesome,'” Hardy told Variety. “That’s how it started—’It’s going to be f—ing awesome.’ Then I had a meeting with Alejandro, talking through the character. I ended up getting the job.”

The Revenant has already received a number of nominations for the SAG and Golden Globe Awards and is a favorite as Oscar season approaches. Speaking about the high expectations for the film, DiCaprio, who has neared Oscar glory a number of times himself, just hopes that the film does well so that more films like it will be made.

“We wanted to make a great piece of art, so if the film gets great reviews, if it gets great business, if it gets awards, that’s fantastic because I want to see more movies like this out there coming from Hollywood,” DiCaprio told E! News. “This is truly like a poetic existential epic and you don’t get to see stuff like this happen very often. So, I could only wish it all the success in the world.”

The Revenant hits theaters Christmas Day.

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