Actress Leighton Meester, 25, is back on set as the conniving heiress Blair Waldorf on CW's Gossip Girl. This season her character is planning her royal wedding to Prince Louis of Monaco, and she's turning out to be quite the drill seargent, despite her frilly look.

Meester's character is ready to be a princess, practicing with some of the most complicated casual wear known to man … or Upper East Side princess, complete with a flower-print diaphanous blouse, black pearls, strappy yellow sandals, a three-toned skirt, and a hat that resembles a shrunken, abstract interpretation of a sailer's cap, worn sideways.

Meester isn't just into gossip these days, though. She just got back from the Toronto Film Festival where her new comedy / drama, The Oranges, debuted. The film is about a man (Hugh Laurie) who finds himself with a crush on his friend's daughter. Awkward.


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    That does sound rather…awkward.

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