LeakSmart’s Complete Home Water Protection System is a pricey but efficient option on the market to help maintain your home. If you’re in danger of bursting pipes, the unit will present you with a proactive safeguard.


Your package comes with three components: a flood sensor, the valve and a ZigBee hub, the latter of which synchronizes with the former two.

LeakSmart’s biggest innovation is its valve, which can impede the spread of water should a pipe burst. Using its patented skills, the motorized brass valve will tap into your primary water supply and reduce the flow of water.

LeakSmart Automatic Shut-Off Valve (Image: LeakSmart)

The flood sensor, thankfully, is water-proof. Furthermore, it’s fast and it can monitor the temperature, too. However, CNET’s reviewer lamented how small the sensor’s radius is in relation to some of its competitors. He notes that you need to settle the device in an opportune location ideally devoid of uneven ground.

As one would expect, a mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones adds to the experience. Therein, your protector will alert you instantly should a pipe burst or if it had to temporarily shut off the flow of water. Futhermore, you can use the app to control your home’s main water valve. CNET’s reviewer notes how the app isn’t characterized with the most user-friendly interface, but it’s sufficient.

Ultimately, his biggest let down with the LeakSmart is its hub piece. All of the LeakSmart’s components revolve around it, which runs a greater risk of a “potential communication breakdown” amongst the network. However, he does appreciate one benefit this grants: the hub can continue to function even if your Wi-Fi is down (unless there’s a power outage).

The Complete Home Water Protection System, any design imperfections notwithstanding, performs its duty well. Unfortunately, it can come at a heavy cost – $425.00, although it can be found for cheaper. However, this expense is merely a fraction of any potential flood damages. So, if you’re concerned over potential water-based accidents and can secure this package at an appropriate price, then the LeakSmart may be worth adding to your household.

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