Chicago R&B artist Jeremih returns with a third installment in his “Late Nights” trilogy after his largely successful Late Nights: The Album from last year. Once again he delivers music in the form of a mixtape titled Late Nights: Europe, which brings another set of sexy tracks.

‘Late Nights: Europe’ by Jeremih Album Review

There isn’t anything distinctly European in the sound of this set of tracks other than they were created while the artist was touring in Europe and some of the titles include the names of European cities and countries. The “late night” vibe, however, carries on from the mixtape’s predecessor, giving this selection of songs a B-sides feel. Though there is more to be desired for the mixtape to earn record-level consideration and praise, it is a nice addition to the nocturnal atmosphere of the Late Nights trilogy.

Regardless, Jeremih doesn’t skimp on the quality of the production. The mixtape’s executive producer is also a big name in the business – producer and songwriter Soundz, who has recently worked with Justin Bieber and K. Michelle. The singer is also joined by some high-profile collaborators like Wiz Khalifa, The Game, Ty Dolla $ign, and others. Some of the highlights of the mixtape are the midway collaborations like “Paris (Who Taught You)” and “London,” where the expertly devised beats provide the ground for a productive blend of styles and vocals. “Berlin (She Wit It)” is another track that deserves a notable mention. Here as elsewhere on the album, the lyrics are unabashedly graphic and unfiltered, but this is part of the promise of Jeremih’s music.

Late Nights: Europe is both coy and rough – it does not pretend to be a sleek and glossy affair, though it easily could have been. There is special attention devoted to the sequencing of the songs and the mood they bring – a not so subtle seduction achieved primarily through a variety of tempos. The mixtape’s unreserved sexual energy as expected dominates every track. Some aesthetic and thematic change may be in order for Jeremih’s future career, but Late Nights: Europe leaves us satisfied at the end of a sexy trilogy.

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