ABC canceled Tim Allen show Last Man Standing on May 10, and fans are still trying to get the show back on the air.


The conservative comedy show was pulled from its Friday time slot after its strongest season, finishing as the network’s second best comedy in terms of viewership behind Modern Family, and third scripted behind Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy.

Multiple petitions were started by fans, one urging a boycott of ABC, and another to try to get the show back on the air. Many fans believe the show was canceled due to its conservative views and Allen’s being a Republican, but the network denies these claims, citing scheduling and monetary issues.

As of this writing, the petition has over 350,000 signees, of their requested 500,000. ABC, however, has already responded to the petition, saying they just would not be able to make it work. Recently, however, Fox was called on to continue with the show, and Fox executives showed interest in finding a home for the show.

Fans on Twitter are still talking about the show, trying to drum up more support.

Some, however, seem more ok with ABC’s decision.

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