Larry David reprised his role as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on this week’s at home version of Saturday Night Live to discuss what’s next for the senator now that he’s dropped out of the race for president.

“People have been very nice, asking how I’m doing, if I have enough toilet paper. Please, I’m a 78-year-old man living in Vermont, I have a whole room full of toilet paper. And by the way, not the good stuff. Single-ply. I’m talking prison TP!” he joked.

“What the hell happened?” David asked.

“It didn’t help that the media lined up behind Joe Biden, like he lines up behind a set of lady’s shoulders,” he said in his answer.

He joked that Sen. Sanders will endorse Biden, but it for now it’s just a “political chub” endorsement.

This week’s SNL was held entirely from home, hosted by Tom Hanks, who has recently recovered from COVID-19. Alec Baldwin and Chris Martin also appeared on the show from their homes.

In the bit, David also commented on the lack of protective equipment for health care workers:

“Their gloves have holes in the fingers, like Oliver Twist. And I should know, I went to high school with Oliver.”

“I just want to say a sincere ‘thank you’ to everyone who voted for me,” said David, towards the end of the sketch. “The young people, the queer people, the Brendans, the Kyles, and, of course, the hot girls who love weed.”

Watch the clip above.

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