Lara Logan, a reporter for CBS News, has quarantined herself in a South Africa hotel after spending time at a hospital in Liberia that was treating Ebola patients.

Lara Logan Self-Quarantines

Logan, whose 60 Minutes report on the Ebola epidemic aired Sunday, will have finished her 21-day self-quarantine on Friday. Through the three-week quarantine, Logan has not shown any signs of the virus, nor has any of the other four CBS employees traveling with her.

While compiling the information for the 60 Minutes report, Logan said on 60 Minutes Overtime that she and her crew took every precaution possible to limit their exposure to Ebola. Despite their precautions reporting, they decided to go the extra mile and self-quarantine during Ebola’s incubation period in case any of them began to show signs of the disease.

“We wanted to try, as much as possible, to minimize our exposure to anybody while we still had to get our piece done,” she said. “We were very mindful of the fact that this 21-day period after you’ve been in an Ebola-affected country is very important to everyone.”

After the camera panned to show the space Logan was sharing with one of the crewmembers, she noted, “We haven’t traveled far from the room that you can see.”

Back in October, a freelance cameraman working for Nancy Snyderman’s NBC News crew contracted Ebola in Liberia. He was flown to the United States to receive treatment and has made a full recovery.

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