Landon Donovan’s name getting left off the US national soccer team’s roster for the 2014 World Cup shocked the soccer world, including Donovan himself – though that hasn’t stopped him from joking about it.

Landon Donovan's EA Sports Ad

In the EA Sports commercial for the 2014 FIFA World Cup game, Donovan, clad in USA slippers and a similarly patriotic robe, goes about his morning. The onetime standout, instead of snatching up his bag with his soccer gear and heading to Brazil, sits down on the couch.

If he can’t play on the pitch in Brazil to compete for the World Cup trophy, Donovan can strive for the trophy in virtual reality, where he’s on the roster. Watching his likeness clutch the World Cup trophy on the screen in the game, Donovan delivers an eye roll for the ages.

“I’m not going. I’m not going. I’m not going to Brazil,” Donovan mutters as he toggles the PS3 joystick. After the scene cuts, the crew lets out some laughs and Donovan soon joins in.

Donovan made his debut for ESPN’s 2014 World Cup coverage as an anchor last week and will continue to provide commentary thoughout the international tournament.

The US team beat Ghana 2-1 Monday and will face Portugal on Sunday.

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