The wife of Randy Meisner, the former bassist for the Eagles, died from a fatal gunshot wound to the head Sunday. Lana Rae Meisner was 63.

Lana Rae Meisner: Randy Meisner’s Wife Dies

Randy, 69, phoned police Sunday evening, telling responding offices that his wife had accidentally shot herself in the head. According to Randy, Lana Rae was “stumbling around, looking for something in a closet where there were two guns,” an insider told Radar Online. “She was looking for something in the hall closet, and Randy told cops one of the guns was falling and in the process, Lana Rae caught it and it ended up blowing her head apart.”

“Randy seemed to be in shock and wasn’t even able to acknowledge that Lana Rae was dead from a gun shot wound,” a law enforcement source added to Radar.

Cops currently believe that Meisner was not responsible for his wife’s death, as the gun was apparently discharged from within a soft gun case and the trajectory of the bullet seems to corroborate Lana Rae moving the rifle from the closet, according to TMZ. LAPD officers, who are said to be looking at surveillance footage from the property, believe that Lana Rae’s death was accidental.

Earlier on Sunday, LAPD officers were called to the Meisner residence in Studio City, Calif., on a domestic violence call. Sometime after, the officers deemed it safe to leave the married pair.

Back in January of last year, Randy allegedly threatened to kill himself and others using an AK-47. Though Randy was not armed at the time of his threats, his “mood disorder” and alcohol abuse issues added to the concern. As a result, the musician’s friend James Newton was granted a temporary conservatorship.

Meisner left the eagles in 1977.

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