Lamar Odom, who has been in a medically induced coma since Tuesday, reportedly has come out of his coma, opened his eyes and spoke Friday afternoon to his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian.

Lamar Odom Out Of Coma

Odom apparently opened his eyes and spoke on Friday amid fears that he has suffered irreversible brain damage following an apparent drug overdose. He even managed to give his doctor a thumbs up and say, “Good morning,” when he asked how he was doing, Alvina Alston, a spokesperson for Odom’s aunt, JaNean Mercer, told Entertainment Tonight.

Earlier in the day, Alston claims that Odom was able to communicate, “Yes,” when asked if he wanted to see his children – Destiny, 17, and Lamar Odom Jr., 13, from his relationship with Liza Morales. It was not made clear whether that communication was made verbally or through the use of body language.

“Thanks for your outpouring of prayers and support for our dad,” Destiny and Lamar Odom Jr. said in the statement to ET Thursday morning. “We are here with our family and friends. We appreciate everyone respecting our privacy at this time. We ask for your continued prayers.”

Odom was taken to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas earlier in the week after he was found unresponsive in a VIP suite at the Love Ranch brothel in Crystal, Nevada. It’s believed that Odom overdosed on a combination of illegal street drugs, legal herbal sexual stimulants and alcohol. While Odom has been fighting for his life, the brothel owner, Dennis Hof, has been talking about the athlete’s $75,000 stay, including details about the women he saw, his mental state and his food and drink habits.

Khloe Kardashian, who released a statement to condemn Hof, has been in Las Vegas with Odom since Tuesday. Though both Khloe and Odom have signed divorce papers, they are not officially divorced, as the judge has yet to sign off on them. Since Khloe remains his legal wife, she has been forced to make all of his medical decisions.

In addition to Khloe, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Kylie Jenner have all visited the hospital. Lamar’s children, ex-partner Morales, aunt and father have also visited him, as well as a number of his former NBA teammates.

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