Lady Gaga may needs to have her pa-pa-pa-pokerface on because she is being sued. Producer Rob Fusari claims that he “got cut out of millions after turning her from a ‘guidette’ into a mega-star.” His production company is suing Gaga for $30 million from her companies, Team Love Child and Mermaid Music. Fusari’s lawyer, Robert Meloni tells the New York Daily News, it’s an “age-old story” in which “you become and turn on the person who discovered you.”

Fusari explains the origin of Lady Gaga’s name as being the result of his habit of greeting her daily with a rendition of Queen’s "Radio Gaga." When addressing a text to Gaga – then know by her real name Stefani Germanotta – with the nickname ‘Radio Gaga,’ the spell check on the cell phone converted "Radio" to "Lady." Fusari goes on to allege the relationship between himself and Gaga to be of a romantic nature that “soured… when [he] was cut out of Lady Gaga’s merchandising and recording royalties.” –KADEEN GRIFFITHS

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