Lady Gaga shared a topless Instagram video on July 6 as she tanned in the backyard.

“May your [heart] shine like the [sun],” she wrote as a caption. In the video, Gaga is wearing a pair of pearl earrings and no make-up. Her brown hair moved along with the breeze.

Gaga has enjoyed the summer weather – she previously shared photos of herself on Instagram enjoying sunny days.

On June 5, she shared a quick clip of herself laying on the grass. She used rainbow hearts on her caption in honor of pride month.

Gaga smiled, without showing the upper half of her face as she laid on the grass in a pink camisole and appeared to be wearing no pants.

The singer had a traumatic spring after her dogwalker was shot and her two dogs were stolen. The culprits were eventually arrested and the dogwalker has since recovered.

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