Lady Gaga appears nude in a video to promote performance artist Marina Abramovic and her Kickstarter campaign. (WARNING: video NSFW)

In the video, Lady Gaga is seen posing for Abramovic, holding out one prolonged note, in a number of different locations.

Abramovic is a longtime performance artist who focuses on “long durational work.” Her most recent piece, titled ‘The Artist Is Present,’ was a three-month long performance at MoMA in 2010. During those three months, Abramovic sat, immobile, on a simple chair and audience members were encouraged to sit across from her and engage in eye contact. Over one thousand attendees took part in the piece, sitting across from Abramovic in silence, according to the Kickstarter page.

“It was during this 736-hour performance that Marina became aware of the public’s immense desire to slow down and connect to themselves and to one another in a live setting. Long durational works like ‘The Artist Is Present’ facilitate this type of connection, but currently there is no space solely dedicated to them. MAI [Marina Abramovic Institute] will be this space,” states the Kickstarter page.

“The Artist Is Present” inspired Abramovic to create a museum-like space where attendees would automatically be participants in such long durational works. The Marina Abramovic Institute is hoping to raise $600,000 by August 25. So far, Abramovic has raised $263,157 from 1,782 backers.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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