Lady Gaga spoke about her upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show routine at a press conference and gave very little information on what fans should expect.


“I’m not gonna tell you what I’m gonna do,” she told the press. “You’re gonna have to wait [and see].” She was asked numerous questions about costume, special guests, and aerial displays, to which Gaga kept fairly quiet.

One guest performer she was asked about was Houston’s own Beyoncé, who collaborated with Gaga on their 2009 hit “Telephone.” Gaga neither confirmed nor denied the star’s participation, but did refer to Bey as “very inspiring and gives great advice.” She also revealed she recently sent the singing sensation flowers following her pregnancy news.

Gaga also took questions from Super Bowl XLII star Osi Umenyiora and James Corden‘s sisters, who often humorously cover the Super Bowl. “How does Lady Gaga like her steak?” they asked. “Rare-ra-ra-ah-ahhh!”

The one thing Gaga was comfortable saying was something that fans should not expect. “I will tell you that there’s not gonna be any meat dress there, so don’t wait for it,” she said.

Super Bowl LI will take place Sunday, Feb. 5, as the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots.

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