Lady Gaga was spotted on the set of FX series American Horror Story: Hotel in Los Angeles Wednesday.

Lady Gaga Filming ‘AHS: Hotel’

For the day of filming, Lady Gaga was costumed in 1920s attire, including a long coat with a fur trim and a brown hat. In the scene, which seems to take place in an earlier time period than the rest of the show, the singer appears to be sporting a baby bump.

The spoiler-y photos from the Hotel set seem to indicate that prior to becoming the life-sucking vampire The Countess, Elizabeth was a high-class mother-to-be. Keeping warm in the heavy coat, Lady Gaga’s character apparently has somewhere to be, as she was spotted hopping into a yellow cab of the time period.

Lady Gaga, known in part for her avant garde fashion sense, has relished the costume aspect of starring on American Horror Story.

“It’s amazing. It’s exciting. There are archives from beyond from designers,” she told E! News. “Things that are being resurrected. Things that are being really pushed.”

And though she’s a newcomer to the acting scene, Lady Gaga has been able to give her input on what her character is wearing from scene to scene.

“I go in with my script and I’m like, ‘OK, where are we?’ We’re getting ready to go out hunting. ‘Ok, I definitely need my hunting glove, and I definitely would wear my hair up because I don’t want to get blood in my hair,'” Gaga said.

“There’s a whole process of things. I’ll say, ‘Why would she be wearing a jacket now? She’s not going out,'” Gaga further explained. “Or she would be wearing a dressing gown because she’s home with the kids. Or she would want to assert to Chloe Sevigny her maternal side to her in this scene. ‘She’s wearing black. I want to wear white.'”

American Horror Story: Hotel airs on FX Wednesdays at 10/9c.

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