Lady Gaga performed at the 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan, earlier this month, and her spellbinding performance has finally been uploaded on YouTube this week.

Lady Gaga Sings Lennon’s “Imagine” At European Games Ceremony

The 2015 European Games got off the ground in Baku, Azerbaijan, on June 12. The event is an international multi-sport competition with athletes from only European nations. This year marks the launch of the event, which was introduced in Rome in 2012.

Though Gaga is widely known for her outrageous costumes, during the Opening Ceremony, she decided to take an emotional approach on stage. Gaga walked out on stage in a beautiful white cotton dress barefoot. She sat down at a piano that was filled with a variety of carnations.

Liam Morgan of Inside The Games noted, “There would have been many inside the stadium who thought she was more than worth the money, but it is fair to say that she should have had a much more central role rather than being hidden behind a bush.”

Gaga proceeded to perform a cover of John Lennon’s hit song “Imagine.” She once again proved to the audience how talented she is. Her operatic rendition of “Imagine” was subtly powerful, as she started the melody in her classical Broadway-style tone. Gaga gradually built to the chorus, making the lyrics her own, singing with pure emotion and ending on a difficult high note.

Gaga received a standing ovation and boisterous applause, making sure to thank everyone with a few kisses blown into the audience.

New sources revealed that Gaga was paid $2 million for her performance.

Check out Gaga’s latest powerful performance for yourself.