Lady Gaga caused a bit of a stir on Saturday, when she posted a selfie on Facebook in which the pop star bares an eerie resemblance to the late singer Amy Winehouse.

Lady Gaga Resembles Amy Winehouse In Selfies

In the photo, Lady Gaga shows off her dark hair and wears Winehouse’s trademark thick, winged eyeliner, paired with thick, defined brows.

While Gaga is known for constantly changing her look, Winehouse was famous for keeping her look consistent. Winehouse was immediately recognizable for her beehive hair do and thick, black eyeliner.

Fans were quick to spot the resemblance, commenting on the original post and then creating side-by-side comparisons.

Lady Gaga On Amy Winehouse

Gaga has been open about her love for Winehouse, who died in 2011 of excessive alcohol consumption. After Winehouse’s death, Gaga opened up about the influence the jazz and blues singer had on her, telling Rolling Stone, “I’m a huge fan. She was my only hope when I was up and coming. Nobody knew who I was and I had no fans, no record label and everybody, when they met me, said I wasn’t pretty enough or that my voice was too low or strange. They had nowhere to put me. And then I saw her in Rolling Stone and I saw her life. I just remember thinking, ‘Well, they found somewhere to put Amy…’”

Perhaps not so coincidentally, Winehouse had been recording jazz duets with Tony Bennett prior to her death, and both Winehouse and Gaga were featured on Bennett’s duets compilation Tony Bennett: Duets II.

“She was really the best of all the young artists that I met in the current scene in the last 10 or 15 years. She was really singing true jazz,” Bennett said of Winehouse following her death.

Bennett and Gaga are currently promoting the release of their upcoming jazz album, Cheek to Cheek.

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