Here’s hoping this is not the last time Ally and Jackson are on stage together.

Lady Gaga surprised fans during her Las Vegas show when her A Star Is Born co-star, Bradley Cooper, joined her in a passionate rendition of the film’s leading track “Shallow.” We had serious nostalgia. 

The “Born This Way” hitmaker, 32, captivated the audience on the piano while the actor, 44, put his incredible vocal skills on display.

But first, he needed some assistance from Gaga to get his earpiece in place. “Jackson never used these,” Cooper joked to the audience, referring to his grizzly character in the chart-topping film, A Star Is Born.

Once the sound crew was prepared, he launched into those famous lyrics – “Tell me something, girl” and the crowd went wild over seeing Jackson and Ally reunited on stage once again. 

The famous duo rotated at the piano while gazing at each other passionately throughout the debut, the closing number for Gaga’s Enigma show in Vegas. Cooper even delighted fans with some vintage Jackson Maine guitar moves as Gaga belted out her iconic “Shallow” wail. Showcasing their chemistry, Gaga gave him a peck on the cheek and Cooper put his arm around her waist to end the incredible performance. 

Cooper, still in Jackson mode, opted for a more casual look with a black denim jacket and trousers. The only thing missing – Jackson’s long, greasy hair. Dressed in an oversized black tee, with an eye-catching bright blue wig and thigh-high boots, Gaga, however, looked far from her character Ally on stage.

Earlier this month, the actress thanked her “visionary” co-star for “changing her life,” while accepting her Best Actress prize at the National Board of Review Awards. While the star, real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, briefly mentioned the character of Ally “healing her past experience,” the majority of her speech was dedicated to her friend Bradley. 

“’I would not be standing up here if it weren’t for you, Bradley. Thank you for entrusting me to be the first leading actress in your directorial debut. This is a tremendous honor,” she said.

Gaga continued to gush over Cooper, “Bradley, you truly are a musician. I heard it. I watched it… from the moment you sat at the piano with me and sang…”

Although Cooper was not nominated for an Oscar for Best Director, he did pick up nominations in the acting and screenplay categories for the popular film. “Shallow” has also been nominated for best original song at the Academy Awards on Feb. 24.

Fingers crossed we’ll see these two hit the stage together again then. Otherwise, we may just have to rewatch ASIB from our couch – for the fourth time. 

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