Country band Lady Antebellum has returned to the music scene with a new single called “You Look Good.”


The hiatus they announced in 2015 went on a bit longer than expected, but the group is happy to be back together. During their time apart, bandmates Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley created their own solo albums, while Dave Haywood worked on producing.

They reunited last year to begin work on their first studio album since 2014’s 747. The album, Heartbreak, is expected out June 9. “We lived together for two months pretty much, half of it in Florida and half of the other time we wrote and recorded in Los Angeles,” said Scott of the band’s reunion.

“I think we wrote half the record, the majority of half the record, in three or four days when we were down in Florida,” said Kelley. “Nine songs in four days,” Scott added.

For the decade after the band’s creation, they made five studio albums and toured all over the country, mainly writing as they traveled. “You’re always having to write in little chunks,” Kelley explained. “So you’ll start a song, then you’ll do the next verse after a little while and then you’ve got to go somewhere and do a meet and greet.” They agreed the writing felt a little disjointed that way.

With this album, they agreed, the process was much more coherent, from being in the same place and focusing all their attention on the music and lyrics. Lady Antebellum will begin their next world tour in May, which will take them from North America, to Europe, and to South Africa.

Additionally, this will be the first time the performers will bring any of their children along for parts of the tour. “It’s so much fun watching them play with each other and sometimes share, sometimes not,” said Haywood.

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