Kylie Jenner, now a mother of two, went all out for her children’s joint birthday party.

Last month, Kylie took to Instagram to share photos of her son, Aire.

Social media went wild with the news. Since Kylie gave birth, fans wondered what the baby’s name was. Rumors spread about what the baby’s name might be, and the moment she revealed one name, she changed it.

Stormi and Aire were born four years apart and one day from each other. Stormi turned five on February 1, and Aire turned one the following day.

Although their birthdays were right next to each other, Kylie still managed to give each of them their unique birthday party.

On Stromi’s special day, she got a unicorn-themed party with an inflatable tunnel head and slide based on father Travis Scott‘s Astroworld cover art.

The following day, Aire also had similar decorations, such as the inflatable tunnel head and slide, but with a different theme: racecars.

Kylie also shared some neutral shirts and hoodies based on the kid’s birthday. One of the shirts read, “Stormi five is live,” another says, “Aire to the throne.” A hoodie said, “it takes two,” with art on the back of a girl and a boy holding hands with the children’s names.

Jenner has received considerable backlash. Many of the decorations she used for their birthday party and merch are based on Astroworld.

In November 2021, during an Astroworld music festival, ten fans were killed in the crowd after being crushed to death. Travis has apologized since the incident but many still can’t forgive him for the way he acted that day.

Kylie has ignored the backlash and continued to share images of her children.

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