Kylie Jenner officially confirmed speculation on her pregnancy with a post on IGTV. The video is a cobble of handheld clips in a family-style that documents the Jenners’ recent weeks. In the video, it shows Jenner and her partner, Travis Scott, celebrating, and their daughter Stormi Jenner surprising her mom Kris Jenner with the news. We follow the Jenners through prenatal care and ultrasounds, as well as celebrations with friends and family. Jenner’s friends, and her equally famous sisters, left congratulatory comments below the post.

Jenner has been vocal about wanting Stormi to have a sibling around her age. There was much speculation circulating online about Jenner’s second pregnancy since August when she began wearing baggier clothing and appeared to avoid fish on Instagram. Although there was no official confirmation until now, in late August, a source close to the family shared news of the pregnancy.

Jenner and Scott officially broke up in 2019, but the two will continue co-parenting Stormi and future children.

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