The teen accused of fatally shooting two people Wednesday night during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is now in custody in Illinois, according to the Antioch, Illinois police department. The Illinois State Attorney’s office stated the alleged shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse, is a fugitive in Wisconsin and is being held on no bond.

Video circulated on social media capturing the 17-year-old jogging down the street with a semi-automatic rifle during protests over the shooting of Jacob Blake, saying “I just killed somebody.” Another video shows Rittenhouse sitting on the ground moments later and opening fire at the people around him.

Kenosha police identified two people killed and one wounded during the shooting. Rittenhouse now faces multiple charges of first-degree intentional homicide.

Authorities began looking into the teen’s social media and found that he supported the Blue Lives Matter movement frequently and appears to have sat front row at one of President Donald Trump‘s rallies in a TikTok video from earlier this year. Most of his Facebook page was dedicated to praising law enforcement, rousing suspicions that the teen had ties to the “Kenosha Guard,” a militia group in Wisconsin.

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth confirmed there were self-proclaimed militia groups out during the protests, but Facebook claimed they found no evidence of ties between the Kenosha Guard and Rittenhouse. However, a video taken before the shooting shows police officers tossing water bottles to armed civilians, one of which seeming to be Rittenhouse, saying “We appreciate you being here.” Sheriff Beth responded that the officers would’ve tossed water to anyone.

After the shooting, witnesses reported that the teen walked toward the police with his hands in the air but he did not get arrested.

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