Kyle Richards told Carlton Gebbia that she was anti-Semitic on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Monday night.

Kyle Richards & Carlton Gebbia Hash It Out

There was some tension between two during the pool party when Richards apparently talked badly about Gebbia and had suggested her pentagram tattoo was the Star of David. Calling Richards out, Gebbia said, “You've been very passive aggressive."

Richards, who brought up giving Gebbia a necklace she’d complimented of hers, retorted, "I've been nothing but nice to you."

"It's not from a genuine place," replied Gebbia. "That necklace went right into a glass of distilled water because I’m cleansing it."

"[If you don't want to be treated like a witch], don't act like a witch," said Richards. "Obviously, you're anti-Semitic."

Gebbia, enraged by Richards’ accusation, said, "You label everyone. Don't you dare go there. Don't you f–king dare go there. I'm done talking to you. You've got vocal diarrhea."

"Oh, she is so disgusting," Richards, replied. "Goodbye."

Richards Owns Up To Poor Word Choice

Richards later took to her blog on Bravo to admit that maybe “anti-Semitic” wasn’t the right term to use to describe Gebbia. “I do feel bad that I accused her of being anti-Semitic. It occurred to me that MAYBE that was the reason she never liked me,” Richard’s wrote. “But, in this town, if you're anti-Semitic, you might as well pack up and move. So I should have been more cautious with my words. I have no idea what her real reason is for not liking me.”

“All I know is her 'reasons' just don't ring true,” Richards added. “Why is she so offended that I asked if it was a Jewish star? And why does she continue to take advantage to deny that her microphone was covering it? She obviously knows it was tied onto her bikini. I know the difference between a Star Of David and a Pentagram, and if it wasn't blocked, I would have seen it clearly.”

Previews indicate that next Monday, RHOBH will show Richards and Gebbia going at it some more on Bravo at 8/7c.

– Chelsea Regan

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