Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been together for an impressive 30 years, a feat practically unheard of among the fickle and fleeting romances of Hollywood. Despite the lengthy commitment, however, the two have never married and Russell has reiterated their aversion to the institution in a recent interview while promoting upcoming Quentin Tarantino directed flick, The Hateful Eight.

Kurt Russell Shuts Down Goldie Hawn Marriage Rumors

Hawn was spotted wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger last week leading some to speculate that the couple had finally committed to saying “I do.” Speaking to Extra at a press junket, Russell addressed the rumor.

“No, unfortunately for those who have to hear yes I do not have good news,’ the actor said. “I was talking to Goldie last night, I said “I really should have some fun thing to say.” I have none. They trot that out every four or five years and now that we’re 400 years old.”

Both Russell and Hawn were previously married. Russell married actress Season Hubley whom he met on the set of Elvis in 1979. They welcomed a son, Boston, in 1980 but separated in 1983, the same year Russell met Hawn on the set of Swing Shift.

Hawn’s first husband was dancer and director Gus Trikonis and her second was Oliver Hudson, with whom she had two children, including Kate Hudson. Hawn and Hudson divorced in 1982.

Hawn opened up to British chat show host Alan Carr about her failed marriages and her and Russell’s reasons for remaining unwed back in October.

“I’ve been married twice. The reality of “Oh, oh, oh” in Beyoncé’s single ladies can turn into a (depressed tone) “Oh, oh, oh.” Basically, once you’ve done it once, once you’ve done it twice and you realise that marriage, or the act of marrying, has nothing to do with the success,” the actress said. “The wake-up call every day is, ‘Do you I want to be with this man? Do I want to be in this relationship? Am I willing to give something? How can it flourish and do I want to be there?’ So the idea is do we want to be there, or do we not want to be there? Any marriage, any ceremony, any ring will not define that truth.”


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