LA residents got quite the wake-up call Monday when a 4.4 earthquake hit Los Angeles, and reactions of live news anchors ducking under their desk has gone viral.

KTLA Earthquake Reaction Goes Viral, Inspires Memes

The earthquake occurred at 6:25 a.m., right in the middle of Megan Henderson and Chris Schauble’s morning KTLA broadcast, and their reactions were broadcast live as the quake shook the studio.

Schauble noticed the quake first, feeling a tremor, and made a surprised face that has now taken the Internet by storm. Schauble has embraced his newfound celebrity, re-tweeting memes using his earthquake reaction and engaging in conversation with many Twitter followers.

While some may question Schauble’s intense reaction of ducking under the desk during a relatively light quake, Schauble followed earthquake drill protocol – especially considering the lights and various set equipment dangling overhead in studio. He has defended his actions via Twitter, but seems perfectly fine to have the public call his duck and cover routine an overreaction.

Henderson backed up her co-anchor and their actions on Twitter, admitting that the duo looked a bit ridiculous.

Henderson is also embracing the viral clip, she even posted a collage on Instagram soon after the incident with the caption, “going viral in 3…2…1… #earthquakefaces.”

KTLA Earthquake Reaction On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

While many in Hollywood were already tweeting about the earthquake, celebrities quickly caught on to the funny video. Stars including Britney Spears and Aaron Paul tweeted links to the video: