Has the end finally come for Sex And The City? Kristin Davis, who plays Park Avenue princess Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, thinks yes. “I don’t think so," she told E! News when asked whether there would be a third installment of the movie series. "I wish it was so that we were continuing but I don’t know.”

Davis based her statements on the disappointing sales of this year’s sequel. “There was so much hype… the media hyped it up and then they tore it down," she said. "I could be wrong, obviously there was a time when we thought there was no movie happening, so you never know. But it is not looking great.” 

The first film, simply titled Sex and the City: The Movie, did enormously well at the box office, making $29.93 million in the US and Canada on its first day alone. Its revenue broke records as the biggest opening ever for all of an R-rated comedy, romantic comedy and a movie starring an all-female ensemble. Its worldwide gross revenue was $415 million. Released in 2008, SATC was received by mixed reviews from critics, but no one doubted its commercial success.

SATC 2 was not so lucky. While it enjoyed a relatively lucrative opening – first day ticket sales grossed $14.2 million – it still fell short of studio expectations, debuting at a surprising second place behind the final installment of the family friendly Shrek series. The film’s opening weekend total paled in comparison to its predecessor’s, capping at a worldwide $73 million – the first movie took $57 million just in the US. The HBO phenomenon-turned-big screen saga performed much better overseas, but in the end made a decent, but disappointing, $300 million internationally. As if that were not enough, critics panned the flick, many describing it as racist, anti-Muslim, and exploitative.

Still, we’ve heard some of this nay-saying before. When the series ended in 2004, Kim Cattrall, who played sex-crazed Samantha Jones, was vocal about her reservations toward a film. Perhaps the ladies are just playing hard to get! – Alex Santos Murry


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    As much as i love SATC, I do not want there to be a third film. The second was bad enough, we do not need any more.

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