Kristin Cavallari admitted to dumping guys over text during an episode titled I Hate Valentine’s Day on her podcast Back to the Beach.

Speaking to her co-host and fellow actor Stephen Colletti, the Hills alum confessed that she has “ended things over text with guys before.”

“When I’ve been talking to someone for a month and a half or two months yeah. If I’ve only hung out with you a couple times and I’m like this is going nowhere,” she said clarifying when she employs her distanced breakup tactics. “I actually recently did that,” Cavallari admitted before adding, “it’s pretty f—ked up.”


Calling herself “f—king heartless,” Cavallari explained that the mystery man responded with voice notes, but she continued with her text responses because “it was nothing serious.”

“This guy, essentially, like wouldn’t let me end it. He was like kept fighting it and kept going and going,” Cavallari said in response to Colletti’s question about the content of the voice notes.

The 36-year-old admitted that the breakup is “still a little ongoing,” and had carried on to just before they began recording the podcast, when she sent a text saying “hey, just let me know when things settle down for you. Like we can pick this up later,” Cavallari explained before adding that she hasn’t heard from him yet.

“He might not be too happy with me. But here we are,” she said casually.

Cavallari has been very open about her dating life following her divorce from former NFL quarterback, Jay Cutler.

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