Curling has been the unexpected standout event this Olympic season, but one person has not gotten on board with the sport.


“I’m not trying to be mean but…… Curling is boring,” tweeted Kirstie Alley. The 67-year-old actress took to social media to post her thoughts about the sport, when John Shuster of Team USA’s curling squad responded. “We’re not trying to be mean either but your movies weren’t exactly riveting theater Kirstie. #justsaying #curling #rockit,” he tweeted back.

Shuster, 35, first competed in curling at the Torino winter games in 2006, where he won the bronze medal. This year, both the men’s and women’s teams will have a shot at gold on Feb. 24. Another member of Team USA curling, Matt Hamilton, also responded to Alley, saying “You’re entitled to your wrong opinion.”

Alley responded in kind again on Twitter the following morning. “Another day to try and be as ‘sensitive’ as possible to not offend anyone anywhere anytime …about anything..lmfao GOOD LUCK,” she said, adding three eye-roll emojis at the end.

Two hours later, however, the actress returned to Twitter to announce that she would be giving curling another try. “Ok I’m gonna give it another chance!” she said. “My son loves watching Curling! He doesn’t love figure skating which I do so we can make each other give 2nd chances today!! ❤️❤️.”

Shuster accepted that as an extension of the olive branch and invited her and her son to participate in some curling exercised with the team. He also said the team would send them both a Team USA curling shirt.

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