After the rampant success of last year's Bridesmaids made star and writer Kristen Wiig, 38, more of a household name than even her newly iconic Saturday Night Live characters had managed to do, her marketability has skyrocketed.

So it wasn't surprising to fans when rumors started flying that Wiig might end her seven-year run on SNL at the end of this season, which also marks the end of her contract. In addition to Wiig, it was also whispered that SNL veterans Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis would be exiting at the end of the season, according to Us Weekly.

At the time, a rep for the comedians refused to confirm the rumors, stating, "No decisions are made until the season is over."

Wiig addressed the rumors herself on Alec Baldwin's popular podcast, Here's the Thing, on Monday. "I don't know," she said when Baldwin asked her if she was planning on leaving. "Well, everyone has to leave," she then corrected.

"This is my seventh year and that's my family. It's my heart. It's New York to me," Wiig told Baldwin. Wiig wanted to make clear, however, that her decision would not be based on external indications of success or failure. "I will say that when I do leave it's not because I'm sick of it and not because I see something better or anything like that. It's just that it's time. When I do leave, it will be the hardest thing."

But the fact remains that all good things must come to an end. "You have to leave the things you love," Wiig said.

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    I can't even handle thinking about them all leaving at once.My worst nightmare.

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