Kristen Stewart’s fling with Rupert Sanders, 41, who directed her in Snow White and the Huntsman, may cost the leading lady more than just the heart of Robert Pattinson, 26. Universal Pictures has contemplated dropping Stewart, 22, from the franchise because, reportedly, Snow White and the Huntsman’s nearly $400 million in worldwide grosses is not enough to offset the Twilight star’s damaged public image and high salary (according to Forbes, Stewart was the highest paid actress in Hollywood last year, making $34.5 million for Snow White and the two-part The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn films).

The Snow White franchise is now clouded with uncertainties. The plan “was to make two films featuring the Snow White character and a third film spinning off the Huntsman, similar to how Fox's X-Men series has spun off Wolverine,” an unnamed source told The Hollywood Reporter. However, Stewart’s recent plight could have thrown these plans off track, and the studio may decide to forego the second film and leap directly to a spin-off featuring Chris Hemsworth’s character, the Huntsman. This would be an unusual move — dropping a major star from a franchise after the first film is extremely rare.

Universal has maintained its noncommittal stance Stewart's participation in a second film. The LA Times reported on Tuesday that “Stewart’s Snow White could still be a character in that film, despite reports that suggested otherwise,” but the tabloids would have a field day, considering Sanders is still in the running to direct the sequel. At the moment, nothing is set in stone, and “the studio is exploring options to continue the franchise and no decisions have been made," a spokesperson for Universal told MTV News. Matters for upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman films have been further complicated since screenwriter David Koepp left the franchise.

It has been a rough few weeks for Stewart, who just dropped out of Cali, a Nick Cassavetes project, while Pattinson snagged a spot in Queen of the Desert alongside Naomi Watts. —HAL SUNDT

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