If Kristen Stewart is determined to shed any trace of Bella Swan for her soon-to-be post-Twilight career, her role in Walter Salles' On the Road ought to do the trick. The long-awaited film version of Jack Kerouac's 1957 classic, which screens at the Cannes Film Festival this week, has Stewart baring more than just her character's inner desires.

Stewart, 22, is shown topless several times in the film and engages in a graphic sex scene (in a moving car!) with co-stars Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund. She plays Marylou, who is based on Beat figure Neal Cassady's first wife, Luanne Henderson. Hedlund plays the Cassady character, known as "Dean Moriarty" in the film.

"I love pushing. I love scaring myself," Stewart, who was 16 when she first met Salles and agreed to do the film, told People about the raw and courageous Marylou scenes. She added that when it came to getting naked on camera, she "wanted to do it."

On the Road will hit theaters this fall. In the meantime, Stewart can be seen in Snow White & The Huntsman, out June 1.

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