Kristen Stewart wore a punk rock outfit, complete with spiked hair and dark eyeliner, to the premiere of Starlight Studios’s Come Swim.


The actress, 27, wore loose-fitting bright pink pants that hit the ground, and a white crop top full of holes around the collar. She bared her muscular midriff and gave cameras a sassy look to match the style. This was her first public appearance with her half-dyed, all-spiky hair, though the star had posted donning the new look on her social media pages.

Halloween 😻

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Come Swim originally debuted at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival back in January, and the official premiere is finally here. It is a short film that was both written and directed by Stewart, and stars just Sydney Lopez. According to a paper, Come Swim is “a poetic impressionist portrait of a heartbroken man underwater.”

Stewart’s next big acting gig is Lizzie, about accused murderer Lizzie Borden, though the actress will play Bridget Sullivan, while Chloë Sevigny will take the main role.

Though Stewart attended the Come Swim premiere solo, she is currently dating Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell, 27. They were spotting smooching in Italy at the beginning of this year, during Milan’s Fashion Week.

K x S

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