When Twilight megastar Kristen Stewart, 20, likened paparazzi shots to “being raped” in the July edition of British Elle, the comments set off a media spitfire, and rape advocacy groups have come down hard on the starlet.

Rape and Incest National Network (R.A.I.N.N.) spokesperson Katherine Hull told Fox that someone who had depicted a rape victim in the movie Speak should have “a more appropriate metaphor to describe the intrusive nature of the paparazzi.” Similarly, Rapels.org executive director Margaret Lazarus called for Stewart to reevaluate her diction when spilling guts to the press.

Stewart herself is apologetic about the remarks. “I really made an enormous mistake – clearly and obviously,” says Stewart told People of her gaffe. “I’m really sorry about my choice of words.” –AHMED MOHRI


  • algree03
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    She clearly is not sorry. Maybe if she actually cared about rape victims she wouldn't have said that in the first place…

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