Jenny Lewis’ music video for “Just One of the Guys” features actresses Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway and Brie Larson dressed up in drag.

Jenny Lewis Music Video

“Just One of the Guys,” a track off Jenny Lewis's forthcoming solo album The Voyager – her first in six years – explores the pressure placed on women to have babies in their prime child-bearing years. While the song itself conveys the melancholy of the ticking biological clock, the music video uses humor to show Lewis’ frustration with the disparate expectations placed on men and women.

Stewart, Hathaway and Larson are introduced in the music video looking more or less like their normal selves in white suits with a feminine silouette as Lewis’s band. Before long, however, the women do away with their feminine hairstyles and makeup and ditch the suits – changing into track jumpsuits, hats and mustaches.

"We screamed with laughter all day, huddled behind the monitor," Lewis told about filming the video. "I haven't laughed that hard since What About Bob? came out on laser disk."

While Larson’s bro-ish alter ego is relatively reserved and Stewart’s appears to be the pickup artist of the group, Lewis said Hathaway’s guy – complete with awful breakdancing moves – had some boyband in him.

"The rat tail was all Annie," Lewis told GQ. "Deep character exploration. Her dude is a bit more Backstreet Boy than the rest. Melancholy Backstreet Boy is what I think she was going for—he really feels things deeply and break dances like a motherf–ker."

Lewis, who joins in on the drag fun as well, thinks that she was the “gnarliest” man of the bunch in her teal Adidas outfit. "My dude is clearly the gnarliest. He's a total d–k—like a mini Bonaduce/Durst hybrid."

Lewis’s The Voyager drops July 29.


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