Actress Kristen Bell visited Jimmy Kimmel on his late night show Wednesday and confessed her love for Game of ThronesPeter Dinklage and how her kids don’t like Frozen.


The actress gushed over how ecstatic she was when she got to work with Dinklage in her newest movie, The Boss. 

“Peter is my favorite because, first of all, he is charisma personified. He had everyone on our set eating out of his hand. He’s always sitting on set vaguely listening to us chatter and doing The New York Times crossroad puzzle—and not the Monday one! The Sunday one! He’s hyper intelligent and he’ll throw out a witty comedy every now and again,” she explained.

Along with the GOT star, Bell is also working with Melissa McCarthy. She confessed that the two of them were begging for season 6 secrets for the hit HBO show but he wouldn’t budge.

The actress also confessed she was able to get her 3-year-old daughter, Lincoln, to become an avid Game of Thrones addict. “I’m such a Game of Thrones junkie,” she said. “One of the first phrases I taught my kid to say was, ‘Winter is coming.’ She used to run around before she knew what it meant, and she would say, ‘Winter coming! Winter coming!'”

She also added, “I made her a Jon Snow costume because our grandparents had given us a toy castle—you know, that little thing you get from the Playskool guard? She was on it and I was like, ‘Oh, my God! This looks just like Castle Black! I should make her a costume.’ So, I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and I cut her a Knight’s Watch costume. Here’s how I knew it was meant to be: That afternoon I was like, ‘We’re doing this photo shoot, kid!’ And she was like, ‘Eh, I don’t understand.’ Some random friends stopped by with a giant white German Shepherd. A dire wolf, you guys! I obviously popped him in the photos, and it’s great. I got ’em up on the wall.”

While on the set of their new movie, a Tyrion Lannister figurine and Princess Anna doll were in some pretty risqué positions. Bell was the voice behind Princess Anna in the mega successful Disney movie, Frozen. 

“I’m not saying I put them in these positions,” the actress said, “but I’m not saying that I didn’t.”

Bell captioned the photo collage, “Tyrion and Anna had a lot of fun on set of #TheBoss in Atlanta. A LOT OF FUN. @thebossfilm”

Tyrion and Anna had a lot of fun on set of #TheBoss in Atlanta. A LOT OF FUN. @thebossfilm

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The actress and host also talked about how her kids could care less about her involvement in the biggest Disney movie in the past few years.

“The live to break down my self-esteem,” Bell said. “It’s that, and they don’t watch much TV. I mean they’re 1 and 3. They’re new to it all. But [the 3-year-old] was sick last month and Dax had said, ‘Should we put on a movie? Should we blow her mind and put on Frozen?’ And we did, and about 15 minutes in she said, ‘Mummy, I think you should turn this off.’ She didn’t like it.”

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