Kris Jenner is officially divorcing husband Bruce Jenner after 23 years of marriage. The papers were filed earlier today in Los Angeles. The couple has been separated since 2012, but only announced it officially last year. Together, they have two children, Kylie and Kendall. Kylie is still a minor and the two have agreed to joint custody of their daughter.

The split appears to be amicable, as Kris filed the motion pro per (without a lawyer), citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the cause for the dissolution.

There was no pre-nuptial agreement, nor will either have to pay any kind of financial support.

Bruce And Kris Jenner Rumors

The last few years in particular have been rife with rumors for the pair. Last year it was reported in the tabloids that Bruce was not Kylie’s biological father, who the other was dating since the separation, and that Bruce was undergoing gender reassignment surgery. This rumor started after pictures of him were taken where he looked “feminine.” This was further incited by the tracheal surgery Bruce had just a few months ago to “shave down his Adam’s apple,” which is a procedure commonly done when undergoing a male to female sex-change. Tabloids went as far as reporting that he was asking people to refer to him as “Bridget” from now on.

Kris Jenner has also been the target of several rumors, chief among them being the unconfirmed report that the 58 year old was seeing 31-year-old Ben Flajnik, a former contestant on The Bachelor.