Kris Humprhies, 26, is having a difficult holiday season. As if getting dumped by superstar ex Kim Kardashian, 31, after 72 days of marriage isn't bad enough, he now has to deal with fans booing him on the basketball court while playing for his team, the New Jersey Nets.

"He's now become the most hated man in the NBA," said Kelly Tripucka, a commentator at New York's Madison Square Garden, where Humphries was heckled during a basketball game between the Nets and the New York Knicks on Wednesday night. "That was not a smattering of boos," announcer Al Tautwig remarked about the fans' behavior. "That's 'villain in the Garden' kind of booing."

At one point during the game, Humphries was benched, causing the crowd to demand him back with chants of "We want Humphries," only so they could deliver more punishment, reports Us Weekly.

Humphries reaction to the abuse? "I don't know … I felt like Rudy out there," he later told ESPN. But he's not going to let it get him down. "I'm not too focused on it. I'm just here to win games," he assured.

Teammate Deron Williams didn't seem too concerned about his friend. "It's probably tough, but he's thick-skinned …. We're here to give him some man hugs if he needs them, but he should be fine." The final score of the game was 88-82, going to the Knicks.

Watch ESPN's analysis of the unanticipated Humphries hatred:

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