Kourtney Kardashian was caught on camera yelling at the hoards of paparazzi following her, her daughter Penelope and Kim Kardashian and baby North West, in an intense video.

Kourtney, Kim and their daughters spent the day in Beverly Hills on Monday, and are seen in the video stepping out of a building and being swarmed the second they hit the sidewalk. The video, from X17 Online, follows Kourtney as she walks ahead of Kim, who pushes North in her stroller. Kourtney, meanwhile, is carrying her 17-month-old daughter in her arms, and yells at a paparazzo who gets too close to her while walking. Most of the paparazzi can be heard yelling at each other to “get back” and give the Kardashians a respectable amount of personal space, but one doesn’t get the message and steps in front of the eldest Kardashian sister, crowding her and her daughter. Kourtney is not amused, and points her finger in his face, exclaiming, “Hey! Get out of the way.”

Kourtney Yells At Paparazzi Who Make Daughter Cry

When the paparazzo moves, Kourtney walks on and Penelope lets out a small sob. The video continues, with the videographer trying to ask her questions about the paparazzi, but Kourtney instructs him not to talk to her.

“Don’t talk to me when I’m with my kids,” she says.

When the paparazzo filming doesn’t listen, she becomes a bit more aggressive, saying, “Shut the f—k up.”

The video continues, showing the enormous crowd of photographers that have gathered around Kim as she enters the parking lot, finally getting into her car safely and driving away. The video has no clear shot of baby North, and Kim and finacé Kanye West have been successful in keeping paparazzi photos of North to a minimum. However, Kim did recently share a picture of her daughter on Instagram.

The Kardashians, stars of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, are no strangers to the paparazzi. Little sister, Kylie Jenner, expressed her fear of getting her license for fear of being tailed by the paparazzi in a recent episode of the reality series.

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