Who says you can’t still be best friends with your high school bestie 20 years after graduation? Kourtney Kardashian certainly is.

Kourtney posted to her 103 million Instagram followers that she was hanging out with her best friend from high school, Veronique Caribarnes. The two of them are matching in black tank tops and black sweatpants, sitting on the floor next to a Christmas tree.

“High school bestie,” Kourtney wrote.

Caribarnes responded back with, “Love you so much.”

They both attended Marymount High School, an all girls Roman-Catholic school in Los Angeles.

Caribarnes is an actress and jewelry designer. The mother of twins and owns Ice Cream Castles, a children’s clothing line “inspired by a story based on children that travel to imaginary places,” the brand’s website claims. “She loves the freedom of designing for children within these imaginary, whimsical worlds. Every Ice Cream Castles season is special because each one tells an extraordinary story about a new world and the subsequent adventures that these children experience… She loves to inspire kids to believe in all magical things and enjoys how Ice Cream Castles brings that to life.”

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