Kobe Bryant opens up about his wife Vanessa Bryant‘s miscarriage during his 2004 rape trial in his new documentary.

Kobe Bryant On Wife’s Miscarriage

Bryant’s Showtime documentary, Kobe Bryant’s Muse, offers an inside look on the life of the high-profile basketball player. In one of the more personal parts of the film, Bryant talks about the 2004 rape case that almost derailed his career and his marriage.

“Things would have been really easy [for Vanessa] to leave, especially during that time,” said Bryant, referring to the trial in which he was accused of having sex with a woman who worked at a Colorado hotel. “It would have been much easier to leave. Take half the money. Have your daughter. But she didn’t do that.”

Bryant went on to reveal that his wife was pregnant at the time, and that she lost the child, which he attributes to the stress his trial caused her. “We were expecting our second child during that time. There was so much stress … she actually miscarried,” he said. “I have a real hard time dealing with that because I felt like it was just my fault. Like we should be building our family but because of my mistake — because of this tough year — we lost a baby.

“We tried to justify — you don’t realize how common miscarriages are, you know, these things happen and it’s a part of the process. But the reality is it happened because of me,” Bryant added. “That’s the reality of it. And that’s something that I gotta carry forever.”

The Bryant’s, who were already parents to daughter Natalia, welcomed a second daughter, Gianna, in 2006.

The woman who accused Bryant of the sexual assault would not testify in court, leading to the charges getting dropped. Bryant ultimately settled with his accuser out of court.

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