A KLM plane had a scary landing at Amsterdam’s main airport on Saturday, and was caught on video. However, pilot Patrick Smith revealed that the landing was not as bad as it looked.

KLM Plane’s Dangerous Landing At Amsterdam Airport

A terrible storm hit Amsterdam Schiphol Airport hard this weekend. Many flights were delayed by winds of up to 63 mph and heavy rain and hail. The storm killed three people across Europe.

One flight was captured on video landing a Boeing 777 in the storm for KLM.

The video was uploaded to YouTube and has over six million views — It’s been described as a terrifying ordeal. In the video the plane is seen teetering on its wings back and forth, before suddenly slamming hard onto the pavement. Pilot Smith put flyers’ fears to rest in a new interview.

“My first reaction after watching the video was, ‘That’s it?'” Smith told Huffington Post. “This is typical of the way these things are typically scooped up by the Internet and sensationalized.”

“It looks fairly dramatic, but it was not dangerous,” he said. Smith pointed out that videos of landings tend to look a lot more dramatic than they actually are. The swerves are just normal reactions to crosswinds.

“For the passengers on board, I’m sure there was some jostling, but the plane didn’t come anywhere close to crashing,” the pilot explained.

“KLM pilots were well able to deal with it and ensure the safety of passengers and crew,” a Royal Dutch Airlines spokesperson, told CNBC.

Check out the “terrifying” landing for yourself:

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