The Kitten Bowl returned for its second year Sunday, with 92 adoptable kittens playing in the tournament.

The Kitten Bowl II

The Kitten Bowl was hosted by Beth Stern, Animal League spokesperson and spouse to Howard Stern, and John Sterling acted as announcer. Kitten Bowl II saw four teams competing for the title. First the Northpole Panthers and the Hallmark Channel Hearties faced each other in the semi-final, with the Good Witch Wildcats and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Mountain Lions playing in the other semi-final.

The game, which serves to try to find homes for homeless cats, was all about the cuteness factor. Adorable kittens played around on a miniature football field, set up with scratch posts and plenty of cat toys, including miniature footballs.

Players included Clawvin Johnson, Ryan Fitzcatrick, Terrell Snuggs, Richard Purrman and Aaron Pawdgers.

The Wildcats Win Kitten Bowl II

The Hearties and Wildcats made their way to the finals, and the game was so close Kitten Bowl II had to resort to a cute-off to determine the winner. And the Wildcats were declared victorious.

In an effort to boost cat adoption, animal shelters across the country hosted Kitten Bowl Parties, where fans could gather and watch the game while adopting some new pets. Last year, at the first ever Kitten Bowl, 200 cats and kittens were adopted through Kitten Bowl events, including all 71 players.

Every single kitten that participated in Kitten Bowl II was adopted.

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