The New Orleans Pelicans have three seasonal mascots they bring out for Mardi Gras – the King, the Jester, and the infamously creepy King Cake Baby.

The massive baby, sponsored by Geico, hits the court at halftime wearing nothing more than an oversized diaper, bib and crown. The disproportionate size of the head compared to the skinny arms and legs of the person in the mascot's costume makes for a horror movie-like sight.

As per tradition, the King Cake Baby, King and Jester compete in a scooter race at halftime. Unfortunately for the wide-eyed, open-mouthed baby, the King and Jester never let it win.

The story behind the baby has to do with the eponymous cake that is associated with both Christmas and Mardi Gras. Typically, the cake is adorned with a baby figurine that is meant to represent the Baby Jesus.

Considering the frightening features of King Cake Baby, it comes as somewhat of a surprise that the New Orleans NBA team has chosen to redesign the face of its pelican mascot “Pierre” to make it less scary.

– Chelsea Regan

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