Kimberly McCullough, a longtime star on ABC soap opera General Hospital, revealed in a blog post that she suffered an unexpected miscarriage last year.

Kimberly McCullough’s Miscarriage

McCullough took to her blog Sunday to post a summary of her 2015, which featured its shares of highs and lows. One of the most traumatic lows was the discovery that she had miscarried.

“My heart was so full and then it broke. I had lost my baby girl. It was too much. I didn’t need to learn this lesson. I wasn’t interested. But I wasn’t in control,” McCullough wrote. “These things happen and no, I don’t believe they happen ‘for a reason.'”

McCullough, who plays Robin Scorpio on General Hospital, added, “I’m still processing, still healing, but anyone who has gone through it knows, losing a baby at 22 weeks is tragic.”

Earlier in 2015, McCullough had a major health scare, when an MRI scan came back to reveal that she had a large mass on her brain. Initially McCullough thought the worst, but she was soon reassured by her doctor that the mass wasn’t a brain tumor and that she didn’t have cancer. It was posterior arachnoid cyst that was relatively harmless.

The tragedy of her miscarriage and the fear of cancer aside, McCullough had a year with some bright spots as well. Chief among her accomplishments was being tapped to direct an episode of Pretty Little Liars.

“This was such a dream come true, I didn’t want to blow it,” McCullough said about landing the directing gig. “Just to give you an idea about how that phone call felt, well- it was like the hottest dude ever, the one who had been denying me for the last three years, got down on his knee and said… ‘Will you marry me?’ Um — yes, duh, like… I’ll totally, um, marry you, stud.”

McCullough also wrote and directed the pilot of her new project, Hey Day, which is inspired by her time growing up on a soap. 

“Not to go total Oprah on you, but at the end of this year and the beginning of the next, I am grateful for it all,” McCullough concluded her post. “Tired. But grateful.”

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