Kimberlin Brown, who formerly starred on the soap opera The Young & The Restless, took the stage at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night — to express concerns over the nation’s economy and her belief that Donald Trump is the best man to fix America’s economic problems.

Kimberlin Brown, Former Soap Actress, Speaks At RNC

Brown told convention attendees that she is an avocado farmer in California — making it clear she’s a working woman with many priorities.

“We women have many roles in our lives, I’m offended when the media and the Democrats typecast us as single-issue voters,” Brown declared. “We take care of our families, work inside and outside the home, pay the bills, manage costs at home, take care of our parents, all focused on one thing: securing the future for our families.”

Brown explained her role as a businesswoman and addressed her displeasure at how businesses are being controlled in today’s economy.

“I’m a member of California’s Businesswomen for Trump,” the actress said. “We’re concerned about out of control, unreasonable government regulations that needlessly add costs to doing business and tie us all up in red tape. And don’t get me started about the bewildering tax code and high taxes to boot.”

Brown continued her speech by revealing statistics regarding women business owners — urging business owners to choose a president who understands the obstacles they face.

“Who do you think better understands your challenges, and will stand with you fighting for a better economy and more opportunities?” Brown asked. “A career Washington insider who only knows how to use your tax dollars for more government jobs? Or a successful businessman who knows how to make a payroll, who understands the special challenges women business owners face, such as gaining access to needed capital, and who has an admirable record of hiring and promoting women in his businesses?”

“[Donald Trump] will make trade deals that benefit working men and women and their families right here in America,” the actress remarked. “He’s going to tackle problems head-on, ladies and gentlemen, so we can have true progress.”

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