Kim Kardashian is being sued by workers who cleaned her house in California. Seven former employees are suing Kardashian for failing to pay them overtime, cover expenses and occasionally making them work without breaks.

The workers claim that Kardashian withheld 10 percent of their money for taxes, without reporting their employment to tax authorities.

The lawsuit was filed by Los Angeles attorney Frank Kim. “Plaintiffs never received any paystubs, were not paid on regular pay periods, were not given their required meal and rest breaks, were not provided a means to record all their hours, were not paid all their hours, were not reimbursed for employment expenses, were not paid all their overtime wages, and were not paid their wages upon termination of employment,” he said.

One of Kardashian’s representatives said that she cannot be held responsible because the workers were employed by a vendor, whose name was not disclosed.

“These workers were hired and paid through a third-party vendor hired by Kim to provide ongoing services. Kim is not party to the agreement made between the vendor and their workers, therefore she is not responsible for how the vendor manages their business and the agreements they have made directly with their staff. Kim has never not paid a vendor for their services and hopes that the issue between these workers and the vendor who hired them can be amicably resolved soon,” said the representatives in a statement.

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