Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, 37, feels gratified by helping free Alice Johnson, a great-grandmother who was serving a life sentence without the possibility for parole for a one-time, non-violent drug offense. Johnson was pardoned by President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

Kardashian said she was moved when she initially came across Johnson’s story on Twitter seven months ago. She originally reached out to Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner, who are both also seeking prison reform. Later, the TV personality met with Trump to specifically discuss this case.

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Critics have recently thrown around the idea that Kardashian could be used as a political pawn by Trump, which she denied in the interview.

“I was working on this before. I don’t think I would be used. At the end of the day, he heard me out. We got the job done. What could he really use me for?” Kardashian said.

Kardashian got choked up when she discussed the moment she relayed the news to Johnson.


“We cried, maybe, on the phone for like three minutes straight… I was like, ‘You’re going home,'” Kardashian said. “Hearing her scream was like, I know I’m going to cry so much when I see her, but just to know we changed one person’s life.”

However, this isn’t the end, according to Kardashian.

“There’s over 3,000 people in the same exact situation as Alice. It doesn’t mean that we’re going to stop here.”

Kardashian thanked Trump for the use of his clemency power in a tweet:

Before Johnson first became involved with cocaine dealers, Kardashian said “she lost her longtime job, got a divorce, her son died. Everything was going so bad for her, and she got desperate.”

Nonetheless, Kardashian, President Trump and his daughter, along with the millions around the world following this story, felt that Johnson, 63, deserved a second chance.

“I felt like she’s a good person,” Kardashian said. “You can see that in her.”

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