Kim Kardashian has shared clip of her children’s playroom in response to fans expressing disbelief of her minimalistic house. Minimalism must have a different meaning for an individual with a net worth of $350 million.

The enormous playroom is colorful and perfectly organized. It is the fantasy room of every kid everywhere. The room has a concert stage and projector where Kardashian’s eldest daughter North West plays her violin. On top of the stage sits an array of Takashi Marukami Flower Cushions, pillows that cost around $600-$6,000 each.

The room is filled to the brim with dinosaurs, cars, train sets, stuffed animals, play stations, toy kitchens, an ice cream and more. The children have a walk-in closet filled with costumes, all organized by the colors of the rainbow. There is even a “supermarket” where her four children can ring up pretend customers and sign up for a pantry of plastic food.

She concludes the room tour stating, “So, this is where my kids have fun.”


Kim is not the only member of the family to create an extravagant space for her children. Sister Kourtney Kardashian recorded a video of her kids’ playhouse for Architectural Digest. Kourtney took the term ‘playhouse’ seriously because built a literal house specifically for Mason, Reign and Penelope.

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